A New You in 28 Days

Modess and Carefree partner as they provide the women of today this website made especially for us, girls – A New You in 28 Days. The launch was held in Renaissance Hotel this morning and I couldn’t be more thrilled. For someone who is online 24/7, this will especially come in handy. It will not just allow me to plot and predict my monthly cycle, a savvy one at that, I should say. Imagine receiving an SMS via your mobile, letting you know that the “monthly visitor” is coming in two days. It will ultimately be like a life calendar, even as it is not just packed with your very own planner but is also designed to empower us, women, to achieve goals. Sweet! 🙂



with Hannah of FlairCandy.com during the launch

The launch of A New You in 28 days gave us more than just a sneak peek of the interface of the whole concept, we were literally served with laptops and got us to register and see for ourselves how it works. It is, so to speak, very user friendly. Even the not the savviest lady, when it comes to online thingies, can easily figure out how it works. It is probably the most fun thing a girl can ever have online. 😀 I don’t know about you but I have practically dropped keeping a datebook where I mark my cycle. Everything is in my mobile. But the thing with the mobile software that I use, it is actually built for men to keep track of their girls’ period. Annoying, right? But that’s what I have installed in my mobile just because I have no better choice, until now. Thanks, Modess and carefree for coming up with such lovely webpage. Now, I have one site to go to for not just the appointments I need to keep track.


As for the 28 Day Goal program feature, we get to choose a goal we would love to venture into in the next 28 days and it is based on age groups. Pre-teens have three initial goal choices: to be a Budding Baker, a Sporty Gal or a Shutterbug. Teenager registrants’ choices are: Rocker, Beach Babe or Picture Perfect and Women’s initial goal choices are to work on becoming Travel Savvy, a Beach Beach Babe or a Corporate Catch. New goals are added each month so that women can continuously reinvent themselves. And if those features are not enough, goal guides are even available for us to download. It is in a form of a mini-magazine containing tips from specific field experts such as Sonja Ocampo, owner of Sonja’s Cupcakes, travel writer Pierra Labrador, and triathletes Marie Calica and Ann Arellano, are on hand to provide daily guides, insights and tips to help women achieve their respective 28-Day Goals. Can you imagine all these things made available for us girls? It is just ultra sweet, if you ask me. 😉


The Understanding My Body section will be not just be handy for pre teeners who have just experienced menarch. Articles are available for us to understand how to better manage discomforts that come with our cycles. Another section to love is the Doc Talk. It encourages registered users to send personal questions to Dra. Tere Henson. Yes, A New You in 28 Days has its very own resident OB-Gyn to accommodate our questions. What is there not to love, right? 🙂


The 28 Day Kit (contains a pack of 8 Modess Regular pads with wings, 2 pads of Modess All Night, a pack of liners and a 60ml Carefree Acti-fresh Feminine wash) is exclusively available in Watson branches for only P100.00 and every pack has a special code that you will enter in your A New You dashboard – MyRewards tab. I just earned my first 10 points that will enable me to redeem either a scoop of the delectable Sebastian’s Premium ice cream worth P45.00 or a P15 Globe or Smart load. Come to think of it, the kit costs P100 and I get a yummy scoop of this yummy ice cream, I’m practically just paying half the amount of the whole package, right? This is really such a treat. Being a woman surely is made more exciting by A New You in 28 Days brought to us by Modess and Carefree. 🙂

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