Origins Youthtopia™ Firming Eye Cream Review

As a big fan of Origins Peace of Mind on the spot relief, I was surprised that their Youthtopia Firming Eye Cream with Rhodiola did not deliver as good. First off, thanks to my dear friend Frances of Topaz Horizon and Beauty for a Living, for this gift. It is not cheap. It costs around P2,000 (approx. $45). It depends on the store you are buying it from. I was never so experimental that I would buy something as pricey if I have not proven it to work beforehand. Money does not fall off trees, honey. As reputable as Origins is, it would take me a very good review and maybe a personal recommendation from someone I know before I will actually shell out that amount for a performing product.


More than two months. It has been this long since I first applied Origin’s Youthtopia Firming Eye Cream, every single night. Even during daytime at times. There was not one indication it worked for me. If at all there were times that I felt that my eyes got too sensitive from its ingredients (or maybe I just applied it a little too close to the delicate membrane around the eyes) that I had to open up my eyes and get the air from the ceiling fans relieve me from the discomfort that I feel. But this is just me. I remember having the same dilemma with my false lashes. I have at least four friends who also got lash extensions but did not feel the discomforts I had to put up with. It might just be that despite the fact that I sport a 20/20 vision, my eyes are not the most friendly with foreign things that get close to them.

Origins Youthtopia is not spectacular, for sure. But the texture of the cream feels just right that it might be a real good eye area moisturizer. I still have puffiness around my eyes as loud as they were before application. It does not help as well that I have no choice but to stay up late and lack sleep. Practically no before and after difference. Which makes me want to try out another brand that is also available locally that is so much cheaper than this one. The one Frances did a review of in her beauty blog. I think the brand is Garnier.

Here’s the blurb from the Origins web page:

If aging signs are staring you in the face, but you worry about harsh, sci-fi sounding chemicals in some treatments, discover Origins revolutionary approach to aging skin around the eyes. Youthtopia™ Firming eye cream with Rhodiola, the legendary Siberian herb linked with longevity, visibly de-ages, reduces puffiness and helps empower fragile eye skin to rebound from damaging stress. Your eye area looks firmer and more youthful with none of the potential wrinkles.

To help re-firm fragile eye skin, gently dab around eye area with fingertip AM and PM.

Curiosity had me search online for positive reviews about it but I found none. Apparently, it is nothing more than just maybe, a good eye moisturizer. The fact that it is organic should amount for something. The eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and if Origins Youthtopia Firming Eye Cream with Rhodiola is a good moisturizer, the chances you are getting wrinkles and crows feet will greatly diminish. Common sense would have anyone conclude that. 🙂


  1. That is terrible! For the cost, it should be botox in a jar! I like Olay Regenerist eye cream. It’s expensive, too, at P999.

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