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Women care more today about fashion more than they ever did in the past decades. The thing I love about today’s fashion is its flexibility. We girls are no longer stuck with particular length of skirts for instance compared to the era of our mothers’.


While Kikay Corner focuses more on beauty, fashion is always a welcome subject. A lot of fashion blogs are worth the visit like that of this handbag blog. It can be fun to browse through the articles and spot which celebrity is using which flip flops, bags or belts. Just check out the Fringe black handbag spotted on Lindsay Lohan or the snakeskin handbag on Kate Hudson. It is definitely one place to check out for celebrity sightings and their taste in fashion.


Although this paparazzi shot of the snakeskin bag on Kate Hudson is sure not to get the nod of approval from the PETA people, you have to agree with me when I say it’s one fine piece. Kate Hudson pulled the hippie look right off despite her carrying that Barney shopping bag. While as for Lohan, I’m really not sure why she is always caught with this tiny green water pistol. Maybe to shoo the paparazzi away? Well, even then, we could see that photos are still leaked one way or another. As much as I love her Fringe black handbag, I could sure do away with that sloppy outfit. Check out more interesting celebrity style on www.celebritystyleblog.com.

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