Génifique Launch Greenbelt 5 Coverage

The launch of Génifique was a blast! The people behind Lancôme made sure they had the beauty bloggers and other media people rock Greenbelt 5 last July 24 and we did! The game they had us play (composed of 6 teams) was similar to that of Amazing Race. It was not exactly the perfect time for me to run around, so much so that I was wearing my boots that time. But it was fun nonetheless.


Loved it best that they gave out sampler of Lancôme’s Génifique in our goody bags, a couple to be exact. This allowed me to review and test it for myself. If it is really what it says it is. More than a couple of weeks since and I can only say is that I’m loving it! Although, I cannot really rely on the hubby’s observation skills because he will always give me the same sweet answers every time. But I have seen those fine lines disappear, like seriously! I know I should have taken a picture of the fine lines but given that my basic lens won’t allow me macro shots, I wouldn’t have been able to get a clear shot anyway. This is considering that the last three weeks have been the busiest for me, this year. So, I should really be looking the most harassed, but I’m not. And because of that, I’m giddy! 😀


July was a hectic month for me, to say the least and now as we welcome another month, I am yet backlogged with a handful of unfinished tasks. A lot of things are in queue, but yours truly is still in the process of devising her way to manage home schooling, working from home and getting busy with beauty event launches and things in between.

Kristine Dy and Carrie Co

As much as I love talking about life, relationships, parenting, birth announcements and et.al that I publish live in my primary site, MarriageandBeyond.com, I also love discovering new things and my current favorite as of late is Lancôme’s Génifique. A dear reader asked how true the article I wrote about it was and I can only say this much — it currently tops my favorite list. I am having my Thanakha cream on standby even as I am test driving this product. Although Khristine Dy of Lancôme said that it is perfectly fine to use Génifique together with other products, the same does not apply with Thanakha. So, I had to put it aside for the meantime.

Meanwhile, allow me to share with you some snapshots of the event.



It was fun! Although we did not bag the first prize, going home with these goodies wasn’t bad at all. 😉

lancome-products loreal-smooth-ultime-and-tendre-forme

a set of Lancôme Blanc Expert, a tub of L’Oreal smoothe ultime and L’Oreal tendre forme


another door prize gift – aromatherapy oil burners from Marilou Jewellery


  1. Oh!!! I wish I had gone!!!

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