Hello Kitty Online Philippines Launch


Me, Earth, Mauie and Salen 🙂

hello-kittyI am not sure if it’s because I was born around the same time Hello Kitty was handed over to Sanrio to be its main distributor in 1976, that I feel a strong bond between us or it is just the plain fact that every girl born right from when Hello Kitty came into existence grew up having her around. From my childhood, I have loved Hello Kitty. Until today that I have a child myself, I still remain loving her. I got a little aloof when Dear Daniel came into the picture. But I soon got over it. 🙂


Hello Kitty is probably every kikay’s (big or small) Sanrio character. I’m sure some must have outgrown her at one time as they grew up. But you have to admit to it that seeing her once again, you cannot help but adore her. I can’t! It brings me back to my childhood days when I went giddy over my kitty toothbrush, collecting my perfumed stationeries with her wide, cute, left ear-ribboned face on every page.

Here is something all Hello Kitty lovers should be thrilled over. No more waiting. HKO – Hello Kitty Online is finally in the Philippines! I am not a hardcore gamer but this one I would surely fancy to try. Super thanks to Agatep and Level Up for such a fun launch last Thursday, August 20, 2009, held in Yaku Japanese Grill in Podium. HKO is targeted to be played by girls aged 10 and above. All one has to do is go to http://www.levelupgames.ph/hko to install the game in your computer and create an account. As with other online games, you also get to customize your character in the game. Make sure you sign up soon, slots are limited. I will soon try this out via my Founders Beta pass. 🙂


Hello Kitty Online Philippines is developed by Sanrio Digital and published in the Philippines by Level Up!, Inc. – the first and leading online game publisher in the country.


  1. Cher Cabula says:

    Nice seeing you there at the event! I’ve tried out the game, it’s very nice.

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