Neutrogena Wave – How to Use and Initial Review

I have been using the Neutrogena Wave since I got it a couple of days back. As a techie lover of a kikay that I am, I cannot help but swoon over this trendy gadget during the launch. I so love it! Who would have thought that a gadget like this will ever be made available to the public and it is so affordable. Sure there are a handful of beauty electronics but most of them either come in really pricey or not very practical to purchase for personal use and will only be fit for beauty clinics.

Neutrogena Wave is such a fun way to deeply remove dirt, oil and makeup off my face. You really won’t miss the tingly and cool feel as the vibrating power cleanser does its job. The sweet thing about this is when I used it and some suds went into the sides of my eyes, baby, there were no tears! That’s something unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised about. 🙂

The derma who explained how important it is to thoroughly cleanse our face during the launch could not have said it any better. I am convinced. I saw for myself that despite the prior washing I did before using the Wave, the cleansing foam attached to the gadget still got very colored. Meaning, all the makeup and dirt did not come off with just mere washing. I also love the gentle massaging it does to my skin. Now pampering can happen right in the comfort of our own homes.

As Easy As 1-2-3
The newest addition to the brand’s Deep Clean line, the Neutrogena Wave leaves an intense deep clean feeling in just three easy steps.
1. Attach a disposable foaming pad to the head of the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave power-cleanser.
2. Hold the gadget under running water to activate the cleansing pad.
3. Turn on the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave and gently massage the face avoiding the eye area.
The softly textured pads of the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave sweep away dead skin cells to achieve immediate results after just one use.

This beauty gadget is really something else. As much as I love beautiful stuff, I am also much of a techie that I would often find myself browsing through the latest in technologies. Why not, the evolution of technology is just amazing! If there is anything sure about whenever I buy any tech stuff, I have already read tons of reviews about it. You will never find me looking through rows of truck accessories in a mall, but two of the places you will surely find me in is the gadget or beauty products place.What can be more fun than this, two of the things I love in one package, the Neutrogena Wave! 😉


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