Reveal Soft, Beautiful Skin with Johnson’s Body Care Line

Manila, Philippines; 7 August 2009 It was a celebration of soft skin, beauty and style as Johnson & Johnson mounted a fashion show to launch Johnson’s Body Care, its new body care brand made especially for women. The new Johnson’s Body Care range of body lotions and washes boasts of a line of products that will give women what they want – soft and beautiful skin.

The fashion show, presented in partnership with Preview magazine, highlighted the beauty of soft, moisturized skin, which can be achieved with the new Johnson’s Body Care products. Featured during the fashion show were exquisite pieces from six of Manila’s young female designers, namely Debbie Co, Rosanna Ocampo, Mel Orlina, Choc and Yvette Religioso, and Czarina Villa. The collections showcased dresses in soft, sheer fabrics in shades of white, blush and nude, with nothing but a woman’s soft skin as inspiration.

“The gentleness, softness, freshness and smoothness of skin inspired me to design these dresses,” recounted Co. “Delicate, soft, and sheer fabrics were used to showcase the skin. I made the dresses light and flowy and used nude colors making them beautifully soft and fluid.”

The importance of possessing soft beautiful skin to complement one’s fashion choices, be it casual, chic and trendy, or formal was also underscored during the show. For the Religioso sisters, showcasing a certain part of a woman’s body is made easier if the woman has soft and smooth skin, if she has nothing to hide.

“The models’ smooth, glowing skin definitely stands out and can be displayed proudly as seen here in our creations,” said Religioso. “We designed these dresses with bare backs and shoulders to give more emphasis to the skin in those areas.”

Accentuating a woman’s waist by using the right fabrics and providing a peek on both sides, Villa’s creation draws attention to this most feminine body part. “With this creation, I played with the softness of the fabric to fully highlight the sexiest part of every woman’s body: the waist,” described Villa. “The color of the fabric also plays up the luminescence of the skin, so the model’s soft, supple skin truly shines.”

With hemlines above the knees, Orlina’s dresses offer a full, unobstructed view of the models’ legs. “I came up with this creation to showcase the legs. As a designer, knowing what I want to emphasize dictates the cut, details and most importantly, the color of the dress I’m working on,” she explained. “These creations make that much-desired body part stand out.”

Aside from the fashion show, free consultations with beauty and fashion experts like Donna Cuna-Pita were also offered throughout the evening. An innovative Soft Skin Lotion Bar, similar to an ice cream kiosk, allowed guests to experience first hand the benefits of Johnson’s Body Care lotions.

The Johnson’s Body Care body lotions and washes come in three variants, namely: Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture, Melt Away Stress, and Naturally White. The Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture gives women long-lasting silky smooth skin. Skin will bask in moisture and prevent dullness, flakiness and tightness caused by dryness, from sunrise to sundown. The Johnson’s Body Care Melt Away Stress with calming properties helps melt away stress and refreshes the skin. While the Johnson’s Body Care Naturally White provides daily care that helps keep the skin’s brightness for a naturally soft and fair glow.

“Johnson’s Body Care allows women to have soft beautiful skin and this makes them look and feel good about themselves,” explained Via Abaño, Johnson’s Body Care Senior Brand Manager. “With soft, beautiful skin, women are empowered to express themselves through their fashion choices. It makes her comfortable in her own skin, and frees her from boundaries of what she can or cannot wear.”

Johnson’s Body Care lotions and washes are available at all leading beauty and personal care stores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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