My honest to goodness result coming up in two weeks

A few posts are now on queue, a couple of which are beauty product reviews. It isn’t always easy to review beauty products. First, you have to part ways, albeit for a while, with your most trusted brand. Second, as good a prospect the brand new product is, you really have to keep an open mind and be objective despite your being partial to your already trusted brand.

I naturally still get giddy over products that promise certain stuff and while sure these products have undergone rigorous processes, that should really amount to something. The brand that go with it is a major plus as well. There also is this fact that people come up with a more innovative product, practically by the day. So, reviewing beauty products, getting them tested for effectiveness and whatnot isn’t all that easy. Getting over insurance quotes will be more of a no brainer, if you come to think of it. So there, here’s when I say to watch out for my honest to goodness results with Celeteque Advanced and a review of the all natural Propolis skin cleanser. 🙂


  1. Skin Care says:

    I’ve research a lot and finally stuck with Skinvie; A Product of Bio Inc. as it perfectly suits my skin.

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