What’s the Best Spa Place for You?

Have you ever felt that your body needs some real pampering? We stress out over a whole lot of different things and when that happens, the urgency of having a good massage is just what we need. It should be noted though, that the spa place that you go to is personally recommended by a friend. Otherwise you might just be subjecting your body to further stress. Some masseurs that I have encountered kneads and effleurages a little to hard for my taste, I end up more sore than when I entered their place. 🙁

spa candles and towels

This is why it is priceless when you found the best place to get your spa pampering from. I found mine but it doesn’t work for me in the sense that I have to drive approximately 20 kilometers to get to their place. That doesn’t include the traffic, which can be terrible, especially during De La Salle’s dismissal period. Considering the stress I have to drive through back and forth, it so makes it not worth it.

How about you, what comes first for you when it comes to a spa place? Although great facilities and interior can be a plus, all those pretty thingies hanging everywhere, which makes for a more conducive place to relax and unwind, what counts for me best is how my therapist handles me. Not all those particulars, I don’t check out the spa filters they use or everything else. Yes, I might ask the kind of massage oil they use and I might even be partial to mango oil, but if the massage isn’t good, it won’t count for anything.

Would you care to share what’s the best spa place place for you and what makes it your favorite?  🙂


  1. Tina says:

    hmm.. I usually prefer the home service ones since it’s a less hassle and more relaxing experience than having to drive myself out and back..

    I’ve tried some of the bests (like Ritz Carlton in the US) but I think my home service masseur is a top-notch, low-cost, service provider at only 250 pesos an hour. haha

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