YSL Baume Exfoliating Lip Balm

YSL Baume Exfoliant Lip Balm Although my favorite is still Forever Living’s Aloe Lips,  I  also use YSL Baume Exfoliant Lèvres from time to time.  It does what my Aloe Lips fave won’t do —  exfoliate.   And exfoliating is good, even for our lips.  🙂

What makes YSL Baume Exfoliant work for me is its gentle formula. Remove gentle from any make up and my skin will surely go berserk. The strawberry and brown sugar grains are the active stuff that works to eliminate dead skin cells.  And if you know me, you’ll understand how I love the feel of natural on my skin. 🙂 YSL Baume Exfoliant is enriched with Shorea butter and subtly perfumed with menthol, the texture melts on the lips, intensely nourishes them and offers a new sensation of freshness.

Directions for use
Apply a dot of balm onto clean lips in small circular movements. Remove the excess exfoliating grains with a tissue. For deeper exfoliation, leave the lip balm on for 2-5 minutes before wiping it off.   YSL Baume Exfoliant Lèvres retails for $29, give or take.


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