A lovely pink, retro bath for me

pink retro bathroom What to do after being hit by a storm? Welcome another day with brand new hope.  It’s really just that or you remain sulking in the corner.  There really is no room for the latter, if you ask me.  

Although, we were not as badly hit as most still submerged towns in the metro after typhoon ondoy (ketsana), we had to clean, sanitize, clean and sanitize the house all over again and it got us beat inside out. Draining, to say the least.  It has been a month now since the storm. With faith, we stand up and welcome each brand new day with hope.  With that hope, we huddled up and came up with a solution — a second storey.  Just in case that same flooding will happen all over again. 

We’re currently looking into layouts and will hopefully have second storey built first quarter of the coming year.  And as with how we were thrilled about our house construction last 2007, we zeroed in on the bath.  We currently have a black and white contemporary themed bath.  This time I’m inclided towards this sweet and pink theme.  You have got to love that lavender pink couch and retro ceramic tiles on the left.  Now I know the challenge is to find the closest match to these lovely pieces. Instead of a bath tub, it’s going to just be a shower enclosure this time.  But nothing is final yet, until we get to talk to our contractor. Maybe you have some design suggestions?  Feel free to share. 🙂

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