A Peek into The Mega Atrium

Kikay Corner has visited the Mega Atrium a number of times before it was officially launched today. This place is no doubt a great addition to the already established SM Megamall which first opened in 1991. There is way but to love the ambiance, with its upscale retail shops and restaurants that are enveloped in such fine architecture.

You have got to love the lovely design of non-concentric circled flooring, with the play of various shades of yellow creating the dynamic effect. Here are some of the architectural photos of Mega Atrium.


Photo 2

Photo 6

A new reason to go visit Megamall is to swing by Mega Atrium after you’re done with you usual mall rounds of getting some truck accessories from their ever reliable ACE Hardware or just plain scouting some beauty products, even window shopping.

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