Belle de Jour Power Planner 2010 Launch


Save the date for Belle de Jour Power Planner 2010 Launch!

Date: October 25, 2009, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 9pm
Venue: New Eastwood Mall: Open Park (Libis, Quezon City)
Entrance: Php 50 (for walk-ins); Php 20 (for pre-registered BDJ Girls (100% for donation 🙂

For this special day only, ALL BDJ Fair attendees, can buy the 2010 BDJ Power Planner for only Php 480! Yes, you read that right, your gorgeous power planner is made more affordable, packed with the special pages and discount coupons you love! =) A percentage of BDJ sales during the fair will also contribute as part of the fundraiser. 🙂

Chance to win Free BDJ 2010 Power Planners, special prizes from our lifestyle brand partners and many more, await the BDJ Girls who will participate in the event’s festivities listed below =) Instructions on how to participate is after the list of activities:

2:30 to 3:15pm: TONE YOUR BODY, COOL YOUR MIND (max 20 girls)

Take this HATHA YOGA class sampler by Pulse Yoga, and savor the benefits of a relaxing yoga class. Don’t worry, this is for beginners. Attire? Normal gym attire, no need for shoes, class is done barefoot.

3:30 to 4:30pm: CREATE YOUR BRAND IN THE WORKPLACE (max 200 girls)

Branding is not limited to a product or producer. It’s also an important component of your career path The rising star will always be chosen over the slovenly sloth or the timid workhorse. It is not enough to work hard, you also have to make it known that you are a company asset. Learn how to rise through the ranks through proper image management and work ethic. Learn the do’s and don’t of office decorum as well as valuable tips on how to rise above the herd. Hear it firsthand from a young professional who has managed to leave her mark at her chosen field!

Gita Luz is an Account Manager at one of the leading advertising and communications company, Campaigns and Grey. She belongs to the Campaign Social Response unit of the company which services clients such as Greenpeace, Haribon, Ayala Foundation, United Nations, Jollibee Foundation, and more

4:30 to 5:15pm: BDJ SCAVENGER HUNT

The hunt is on! Enjoy the company of fellow BDJ girls as you seek out clues and treasures all over the BDJ Fair and Eastwood. This is your chance to make new friends and test your detective skills in the process! There will be exciting prizes that await the victors at the finish line. So bring your zest and excitement (and maybe some comfy shoes!) cause you will be searching high and low for some very interesting clues. Game on!

5:30 to 6:15pm: REACH FOR THE SKIES! (max 200 girls)

Oh the places you can go! With lots of determination and a steely resolve, anything is possible! Experience new highs in this wonderful sport where endurance is tested at the heart of the mountain range! Become inspired to take fitness to the next level as you learn about the niche sport of skyrunning and how it can take you to such great heights.

Beth Siojo: this power mom is also a serious athlete, an active member of Pinoy Ultra Runners and The Philippine Skyrunning Association, competes in ultra marathons while balancing family and work life

6:15 to 6:30pm: I WANT TO BE SUPERMODEL!

We know your gorgeous! Go outside your comfort zone, strut your stuff! Get some coaching and styling from Folded and Hung and Jellybean’s best directors and stylist!

Call time will be at 1pm for rehearsal, make-up and styling. =) Please attach your full body picture in your participation email. Accepted models will be confirmed by October 20. =)

6:30 to 7:30pm: BREAK FASHION RULES, DEBUNK BEAUTY MYTHS. (max 200 girls)

Not all fas hion and beauty rules are created equal….and sometimes rules ARE meant to be broken. That color scheme or capped sleeve could have been a golden nugget last season but it could be the newest fashion disaster today. So don’t let the trends dictate your style. Trust your instinct and think outside the box! In this talk, learn what’s stylish, what’s not, and what’s always in no matter the date or season!

Barbi Chan is the chief make-up artist of Maybelline New York. Her prolific work covers a ranges from intimate weddings to glamorous photo shoots for magazines. But her talent in making every woman beautiful is always spot on.

Dona Cuna-Pita has years of experience in the field a s fashion as the former Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan and Associate Fashion Director for Summit Publications. She is a trusted stylist of numerous celebrities and is known for her uncanny fashion predictions and never failing superior style.

To participate email us at the following details:
• Name:
• Email Address:
• Mobile:
• Activities to Join:
o Top Choice:
o 2nd Choice:
o 3rd Choice:
• What BOUNDARY (Challenge) do want to EXCEED this 2010? (Short and sweet answers please, not more than 500 words. Interesting answers will get a 2010 BDJ planner for free!)

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