Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner

What’s 2010 going to be like for you? With the 2010 Belle de Jour Powerplanner at hand, you’re guaranteed a year of success and achievement!

Specially designed for the stylish go-getters, Belle de Jour helps you manage your life better. The layout is based on time management principles that gives users a wider scope on everything they’re juggling in their busy lives. With Bellle de Jour Powerplanner, you’ll be able to do more things and accomplish more goals, thus living your life to the fullest!


2010 Checklist

Ever wanted to create soundtrack of your life or paint even if you don’t know how? Sometimes we lose track of little goals like these just because we don’t list them down! With BDJ’s 2010 Checklist, you’ll never lose track of the things you should tick off the list before the year 2010 ends.

Habit Tracker

The BDJ planner understands that some habits are hard to break and some are even harder to start! A new feature of this year’s planner, the habit tracker, encourages BDJ users to turn a new leaf by allowing them to list down the habits they ought to start and break. The planner even allots space to monitor progress.

Savings Tracker

Suggested by loyal BDJ users, this feature makes sure you are allocating funds for a rainy day while monitoring your progress in saving for big ticket items. With the Savings Tracker, you manage your finances better and monitor your nest egg for those things you really want and need.

Menstrual Tracker—keep track of those “special” days. Knowing your menstrual symptoms, flows, and patterns is vital to your health.

Goal Pages—take the first step to turning your dreams and ambitions into realities. Let this page be a constant reminder of your life goals.

Forward Planning—this page is your life masterpiece in the making. Like a spontaneous artist, fill this area with notes, doodles, clippings, and other random thoughts of the year to come.

Health Checklist—do you know which types of doctors you should see regularly? Don’t fret; we’ll be your constant reminder so that you’ll never miss another doctor’s appointment ever again.

Grab a copy of the 2010 Belle de Jour Power Planner! This year’s edition comes with a cloth cover, a garter enclosure, a pen holder and a BDJ-forget-me-not notepad! The 2010 BDJ planner will surely make you breeze through the new year with greater sense of ease and style. With pages and pages of coupons, and lots of special features, this planner is definitely a must have for the coming year! BDJ is available at leading bookstores and via

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