My Clarity Facial Spa Experience at the BDJ Fair

The Belle de Jour Fair was a blast, to say the least.  I came just about in time to be able to taste the kikay booths around at its freshest.  After registering at the media section and getting my press kit, I went around, took shots and dipped in the hair stylistics of the people behind Azta Salon (post about it later).  After that I took more pictures of the booths I haven’t gone to yet and I was welcomed by the sweet smiles of Maan and another lovely lady representative of Clarity.  


They encouraged me to try out Clarity facial spa.  I was at first hesitant for fear of having the same consequence when I went to try out some diamond peel on my face some months back at a different beauty center.  My face got bruised for days on end! (hematoma like bruising all over my face).  Maan assured me that the facial spa will be very mild and safe even for ladies who are undergoing chemical peel.  So I went.



lovin’ the facial spa

I love just how friendly this place could be. It was a different story in some of the booths I visited, to be honest. Despite the fact that it has to take a great lot to be able to mimic a spa ambiance in such a fair,  I should say, they were able to pull it off. I was sitting on this chair for a good 10 minutes at least and I can’t complain.  My therapist, Sheryl, indulged all my questions.  I opted to be ran through to the procedures done on me.  She used this state of the art dual ended hot and cold facial hammer. Nope, she didn’t go pounding my face.  They call it hammer just for its shape but it is the softest thing of all.  I even thought it was a soft sponge of sorts.  I later found out it wasn’t when I touched the gadget.


 the dual ended, hot and cold facial hammer they used on my face.

I loved that facial spa I had by Clarity.  It didn’t matter if my foundation went off.  My beauty therapist, Sheryl applied sunblock after the procedure, so that’s good enough.  The facial spa costs around P1,000 if you avail of it from their center and I should say that even from that procedure done on me, it is well worth it.  It was just neat I got it for free.  This is when reviewing beauty products like eye cream or services like this, come in really sweet for me.That’s one hooray for my “me” time. 





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