Phytocyane for Thinning Hair Shampoo Review

phytocyaneI wish I could tell you that Phyto Phytocyane Revitalizing Shampoo worked for me, but it did not. A month after using it, I actually lost more hair while I was using the product. The poor bottle design was forgivable, although it compelled me to transfer it to an old bubble bath dispenser so as not to spill the content. Phytocyane has water like consistency. It is only right for the makers of this product to redesign a better container, especially for their patrons.

Phytocyane lathers fine, all right. But my issue of wanting to have a thicker hair wasn’t close to being delivered. So the representative told me that it does take three to four months to see improvements. But should I have to fall so much hair to get there? While this might work for some, it did not for me. I used this for more than a month now. I just thought I owe my readers this review before I get on to conclude my data center hosting writeup.

The shampoo actually felt fine the first week I used it. It even seemed to clarify some hair buildup. But towards the second week of usage, I was surprised to have falling hair all over again. Then what’s worse is I have been developing pimples all over my head and my forehead. The conclusion is rather easy from then on, Phyto’s Phytocyane is not for me.  Now, I’m not just going to throw the rest of whatever is left of the shampoo away.  I will still use it until it runs out, but I’m definitely not recommending this stuff to anyone nor will I give it another shot in the future.  That is, unless, the miracle of miracles happens while I finish up the rest of the Photocyane shampoo, and I will actually see improvements.  You will surely hear about it then.  


  1. Skin Care says:

    I tired it and it absolutely works for me!

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