Rovilson Fernandez for Michè Michelis for Men

Michè Michelis for Men was introduced in 2007 as an offshoot of Michelis, Inc. which has been around since 1998. Michelis is recognized both local and international for their quality silver pieces.

rovilson fernandez for MICHE

It wasn’t until last Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at the launch of Mega Atrium, did I know that Rovilson Fernandez is the celebrity endorser for Michè Michelis for Men. The first time I’ve seen him is when he teamed up with Marc Nelson in Amazing Race.

Although Rovilson does not exactly come as much of a hunk like some women might think, but truth is, Michelis couldn’t have chosen a better endorser. I should say that Amazing Race did that for him. The way he handled every situation made a good reflection of his character. There are currently a few tv programs out to mimic Amazing Race but I’m sure that with this original, the teams didn’t have to worry about cheap travel insurance, like other Amazing Race wannabe’s would. Just saying.

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