De-stress and play pool

We girls have always loved hanging out with our friends doing a variety of fun things. College would have most friends go out during weekends, although some would rather have it every single night. But really, that isn’t really taking your studies seriously and that is so not cool.

Weekends are mostly the very things that keep college friends sane. With all the crazy things professors require of us and all the endless tasks and assignments, there has got to be a time when we should unwind and refresh ourselves. This should though involve good, clean fun. Otherwise, you are really just picking up a stone to hit your head with.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed was playing billiards. It can really be fun especially when you’re finally able to strike the ball and head it towards where you want it to go. It releases a great deal of stress, to say the least. There came a time that because I have loved playing pool so much, we actually went canvassing for billiard tables and Pool Cue and buy one for the home. I really think it isn’t such a bad idea. Our family is packed with a bunch of pool players and we really could make use of the entertainment once in a while. 🙂

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