Kikay Corner’s Articles on first page

It amuses me whenever Kikay Corner comes up in searches. I see via that Feedjit widget on my sidebar where some visitors are coming from. I am especially pleased whenever I land the top spot for some specific beauty products and services search results. I can only hope that this gets better.

I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to Google’s algorithm and how they index web pages and other factors like search engine optimization writing. Now I begin to wonder if PPPC Campaign Management will work for Kikay Corner’s web page. Why do I want this, to begin with? It makes writing articles for Kikay Corner worth my while, primarily because it gets read. Not to mention the passive income that comes with it via in text and contextual advertising.

Meanwhile, I just hope to get Kikay Corner right on track and provide readers more valuable beauty articles that they are looking for. As you might have noticed, Kikay Corner provides alternative beauty product options leaning towards organic and natural, whenever I can. This is my advocacy. No to products getting tested on animals and definitely hoping to lessen the beauty products that go around that is deemed not very friendly to the environment.

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