Kikay Corner’s break from hiatus

Kikay Corner was forced to take a break from reviewing beauty products last month or so because of what typhoon Ondoy has caused. A single storm could easily sweep everything off and it is just great that ours is a resilient race. People have reached out to each other despite their own losses.

One of the things that companies have granted lenders in this time of calamity is moratorium. Moratorium is a legally authorized period of delay in the performance of obligation or payment of debt. Government housing loans and even individuals have extended their grace and sympathy through granting their lenders this, which is very much appreciated especially by those who were badly hit by the recent typhoon Ondoy. There are other entities like FHA Loans that can come in very handy especially during this time. People all over are rebuilding their homes and moving on and companies like this become partners of sorts, of people who are in the very sphere that we are in.

That includes us and our families. Although the flood waters just went up to our waist inside our house, it did go as high as 15 feet at the end of our street. It took us more than a month to clean up the unbelievable amount of trash and stench it left us. It was crazy!

Meanwhile, allow me to enumerate a few posts that you can look forward to. Reviews of Revlon Translucent Finishing Powder with Botafirm, Artdeco Mineral Powder Foundation, Revlon lipstick and a herbal magic lipstick by BioEnzyme Plus. I am a lover of things natural, so I just have to get that on the list.

A month and a half since the storm happened and we’re now back to our regular programming. The events I cover now isn’t as much as I used to. Slowly but surely I’d get back to covering beauty events for you, girls. For now allow me to just give you some bits of pieces of the reviews I have queued for you and will post events coverages when I can. That’s all for now. Ta-ta!

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