Makeup Basics

If there’s anything women would like to be good at when they get to the teenage years and beyond is to learn to apply makeup like a pro. This is not just to keep us from having to visit the salon for every possible event that we will attend but the convenience of having that everyday look that is done just the way you want it by not having to be at the mercy of your makeup artist.

Although it is not bad to have a favorite makeup artist, it is a must for kikays to know how to fix themselves up. This is where the old adage, “Practice makes perfect,” surely applies. There are a few things to take note of for the basic makeup application. First, is to make sure you have a freshly washed face. You wouldn’t want getting those invisible grime embed itself in layers of foundation and powder. Granting that you have with you the best shade and type of makeup for your skin, you can go ahead and experiment. This is why it is important to know what your skin type is and what’s best type of makeup to use.

makeup application

Reach for you favorite moisturizer, ideally one with sunscreen. There are also moisturizing primers, which can be very convenient. This will take off the next step of having to apply primer under your foundation.  Spot areas where you need to apply a concealer and do it sparingly.

Two things to take note of: make sure you give every application a few minutes in between for it to set and you have adequate bathroom lighting. Both of these are imperative to be able to achieve the right look. Both to make sure no smudges or smears will appear as you go and also not to over do any application. Inadequate lighting can make you apply more than you actually need. Apply eye primer on your lid up to the brow. This will help set the eye makeup and keep the oilies at bay. Again, primers have to be given time to set before you do the next step. As for eye makeup application, you can go subtle or otherwise, depends on the occasion. But the key really is practice, practice, practice. There are a handful of online video tutorials over the internet, you could choose your pick which look you want to experiment on.  

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