Pretty and Melodious Singing Bowls

crystal singing bowlsOnce in a while we get fascinated by the pretty little things and it actually makes life even sweeter. One thing that recently caught my fancy are the crystal singing bowls. My curiosity had me get into its very interesting history. This is something I’m inclined to do to make sure things are safe and do not cast off spells or something. Crystal singing bowls are also called Himalayan bowls, rin, medicine bowls, Tibetan bowls or suzu gongs (Japan). It is a type of standing bell. It is called singing bowls because it creates a beautiful harmonious sound when a stick is moved around the crystal bowl.

As odd as it may seem, people even undergo tutorials to learn how to hold the stick and have it go around the rim of the bowl to create particular tones and sounds. Although its history is traced back to some tantric Buddhist practices, it is currently used worldwide even without the spiritual traditions it originated from. It induces relaxation and is even currently employed in some health care practices. You have to listen to it and know for yourself. It is much like creating a spa like ambiance wherever you are.

I went off to search more on it and loved the beautiful music these Crystal Singing Bowls make and loved it.

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