Remember Magic Lipsticks?

DSC_1994 Magic lipsticks were very popular back in the 80’s. This is the lipstick that’s green but goes pink when applied to the lips. This is so passé that I never thought I was ever going back to wearing one again. Okay, so I was too young to wear lipsticks back in the 80’s. But because of mood/magic lipsticks’ popularity back then, even little girls got to receive these gifts, so what’s a girl to do, right? 🙂

For those who are clueless what magic lipsticks are, they are the ones that are also called mood lipsticks. They usually come in cheap-looking, look more like fuse holders packaging. I remember catching them once or twice in the mall when I was in college. But of course, I was too much into my Colorstay sticks to even care. 

In all my years of lipstick wearing, I never thought I’d ever go back to using magic lipsticks ever again. I’m currently loving the magic lipstick manufactured by BioEnzymePlus. I am such a sucker for everything natural, so when I felt my lips burn from the stash of lipsticks I got from the Revlon warehouse, I just had to go back to organic.  I actually went to the BioEnzymePlus office in Cubao to buy the regular organic lipstick that I ran out of. Alas, it was out of stock, so I tried this one out. Magic or mood lipstick shades are supposed to work with the wearer’s body chemistry. A green magic/mood lipstick isn’t guaranteed to turn pink for all ladies. It depends if one is acidic, often it turns a darker shade of red. They say it depends on the mood. But this I still have to find out.   I don’t exactly have  particular liking at looking at myself in the mirror when I get angry or upset. 😛

But the thing I love about getting reacquainted with magic lipstick, especially this particular brand, is that I don’t get bothered at all about wearing lipstick and it does not come off as you eat or drink.  As kikay as I am, I sometimes want to just have my lips feel nude and not care. The sweet thing about this is, this particular magic lipstick stays there for eternity. Well, not really. But way longer than even those that claims to stay. It’s natural, organic, made from fruit enzymes, I can actually sleep in it and I do! I want to be pretty for hubby while having those enzymes do its job to regenerate cells. Just so you know, BioEnzymePlus did not pay me a cent for this post. I also have no idea how much this retails for. I’m not selling it, although I can, if demand calls for it. I bought this BioEnzyme magic lipstick for the distributor’s price of P395, which is not bad for a good, organic lipstick.

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