Ruffles and Jumpsuits in Get Laud’s New Collection

get laud

Two things that caught my eye from Get Laud’s recently launched holiday collection – ruffles and jump suits. Both of which are reminiscent of fashion styles of different decades. The multi dresses came in really interesting as well. I have always known Get Laud’s affordable fashion, they just really just got more interesting even as they unfolded with the new collection their brand new celebrity endorser.

jumpsuit 1 getlaud

The designer confessed that the inspiration of Get Laud’s recent collection is the current global recession. And true enough, the multi-dress alone speaks for itself. Its overall flexibility of being able to wear dresses in different styles allows for ladies to stay chic all over again with just a single multi dress.

phoem for Get Laud

And the jumpsuits, which have gone a long way since they became overalls by handymen. The foresight is it will be a big trend come Spring 2010. Here’s the classy and fierce Phoemela Baranda for Get Laud’s new collection.

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