Win a Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner – CLOSED

Update: The Winner of the BDJ 2010 has been drawn

In approximately a month from now, the Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner that’s sitting pretty on my dresser will land on ONE LUCKY READER’s doorstep. Hence, this contest.  Contest is open to local residents.

What better way to welcome the new year than being armed with this ultra chic planner packed with everything a girl needs when it comes to organizing. This year’s edition comes with a cloth cover, a garter enclosure, a pen holder and a BDJ-forget-me-not notepad! The 2010 BDJ planner will surely make you breeze through the new year with greater sense of ease and style. With pages and pages of coupons, and lots of special features, this planner is definitely a must have for the coming year!


Allow me to enumerate a number of other reasons why you should get a BDJ 2010 Power Planner:

BDJ2010Checklist72010 CHECKLIST
Ever wanted to create soundtrack of your life or paint even if you don’t know how? Sometimes we lose track of little goals like these just because we don’t list them down! With BDJ’s 2010 Checklist, you’ll never lose track of the things you should tick off the list before the year 2010 ends.

BDJ2010 HabittrackerHABIT TRACKER
The BDJ planner understands that some habits are hard to break and some are even harder to start! A new feature of this year’s planner, the habit tracker, encourages BDJ users to turn a new leaf by allowing them to list down the habits they ought to start and break. The planner even allots space to monitor progress.

bdj2010savingstrackerSAVINGS TRACKER
Suggested by loyal BDJ users, this feature makes sure you are allocating funds for a rainy day while monitoring your progress in saving for big ticket items. With the Savings Tracker, you manage your finances better and monitor your nest egg for those things you really want and need.

BDJmenstrualtrackerMENSTRUAL TRACKER—keep track of those “special” days. Knowing your menstrual symptoms, flows, and patterns is vital to your health.

GOAL PAGES—take the first step to turning your dreams and ambitions into realities. Let this page be a constant reminder of your life goals.

FORWARD PLANNING—this page is your life masterpiece in the making. Like a spontaneous artist, fill this area with notes, doodles, clippings, and other random thoughts of the year to come.

HEALTH CHECKLIST—do you know which types of doctors you should see regularly? Don’t fret; we’ll be your constant reminder so that you’ll never miss another doctor’s appointment ever again.



1. Write about the contest in your blog.
2. Make sure to link your post to the url of this post.
3. Leave a comment here with a link to your post.
4. Contest ends December 22, 2009 at 11:59 PM. (I will use Random.orgContest winner will be announced Christmas Eve, Dec. 24
5. I will send the winner’s Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner as soon as Air21 resumes delivery after Christmas.

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  1. Dani

    thanks jennie, will join this! 🙂 kelangan ko ng savings tracker hehehe 😀

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  3. admin (Post author)

    Hi Dani! Yey! Will look forward to your post. 😀

  4. Ria

    ang tagal naman ng contest period…i want my planner now na e!

    notice i said “my” ? 🙂

  5. madelyn


    im super excited 🙂

  6. edelweiza

    haha, may BDJ planner 2010 na ako. bought one online from their website. pero sige sasabihan ko mga blogger friends ko na girl na wala pang planner para sumali dito. hehe. 🙂

  7. wella

    I really,really wish to get this.c:

  8. wella

    here’s my post.c:

  9. liz

    Hi jennie! I blogged about your bdj power planner contest. here’s the link to my post:

  10. Paula
  11. Vera

    hi! i think it’s wonderful that you’re running this contest. 🙂 Just a question though, if I have multiple blogs can i have more than one entry?

  12. admin (Post author)

    Ria, do your post na ha. Will wait for your entry 😀

  13. admin (Post author)

    Yey! Thanks Edel! 😀

  14. admin (Post author)

    Yey! Thanks, Wella, for your entry! 😀

  15. admin (Post author)

    Hi Vera! To be fair with the other participants, it will be one blog per person for this contest. Will cook up another contest later that will allow multiple blog participation per person. Thanks for asking. 😀

  16. Ria
  17. imom

    I joined your contest, Jennie! I hope I win!! 😀

  18. Joey

    I just joined! I might just get lucky 🙂

    Thanks so much for this contest.

  19. donelle

    sending in my post! the 2010 BDJ power planner is love! hope i get lucky. 😉

  20. Tiffany

    Hi! I love your contest! Here’s the link to my post. Hope I win!:)

  21. Roch

    I’m joining this! I love love love the planner 🙂

    how do you choose the winner?

  22. Roch
  23. Jenn

    Wow… something I really, really hope to own.

    My entry’s HERE

  24. Ellen Joy Castel

    I wish I win this planner!….really really want one..

    Here’s my post…

  25. Ellen Joy Castel

    Hi! 🙂 Question: Will you use Thanks! 🙂 (I’m not pretty lucky with raffles but I wish I’ll get lucky for this one)

  26. admin (Post author)

    Yep. I will be using and I will providing screenshot as well. 🙂

  27. admin (Post author)

    Yep. I will be using and I will be providing screenshot as well. 🙂

  28. chinky_bagutte

    will a blog in multiply count?

  29. admin (Post author)

    Yes, as long as your multiply account is not set on private. Thanks for joining, y’all! Only a couple of weeks left until the winner is announced! 🙂

  30. honneylette cruz

    hi jennie,

    im typically shy on most things such as this. But i would do this for that wonderful prize. Im hoping to win, just like everyone else, but of course,,, may the real lucky girl win! 🙂

  31. Ann

    Hi! here’s my entry…

    I’m really hoping to win this one… (“,)

  32. Kayth

    Hi i joined here, The planner is soooooo cute here is my post


  33. Maureen
  34. Pingback: Win The Belle de Jour Power Planner Contest | Breath Technology

  35. Geek Mom

    done with my contest entry for this sis! 😀 mwah!

  36. Rem

    Hope I win! Blogged it here

  37. Adelen Festin

    Hello! I love your post!

    Here’s the link to my entry:

    hope i win.. thanks

  38. Katherina Perez

    Here’s my post regarding your contest.. I must say, this is a good idea!

  39. admin (Post author)

    Hello Katherina!
    Please make sure to link to this post: for your entry to count. You have linked it to the blogcatalog link. Thanks!

  40. torque15

    yay! thanks for putting up this giveaway. blogged about your BDJ 2010 power planner contest HERE

    crossing my fingers! 🙂

  41. Katherina Perez

    alright, it’s done now 🙂

  42. hidburn

    your contest announcement was multiplied! 🙂
    i wrote about your contest –

    hope to win…. sigh.

  43. earthlingorgeous

    Hi Jen here’s my entry! Good luck to me haha!

  44. admin (Post author)

    Hello honeylette! Please check the link in your blog. It is not properly redirecting to this post. You still have a few hours to correct this. I’m raffling off the winner soon.

  45. Iris

    Pahabol ako Jen 🙂

    Thank you and you too have a very Fabulous Christmas!

  46. kimberly

    HI Jen 🙂

    Thanks so much for this chance and opportunity. I’ve been wishing for this.. so want and love the planner 🙂

    This would be a perfect gift to start the new year right 🙂

    Hope to win 🙂

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