Creed’s Millesime Imperial is Love!


A bottle of Creed’s Millesime Imperial was what I got for my birthday this year from my dear hubs. Now, I don’t just love Creed because it was one of the things that my sweet husband has gifted me with nor is it because a host of Hollywood celebrities wear it, among them are: Harrison Ford, Catherine Zeta Jones, Pierce Brosnan, Nikki Taylor.  Yes, you read that right. Millesime Imperial is a unisex scent, which I am no longer a big fan of ever since I overcame my love for the CK unisex line just before I stepped out of middle school.  And then I found myself faithful towards Contradiction for women’s crisp, feminine, oriental scent and it was around that time as well that I got convinced that unisex is not so right.  Needless to say, my love for scents goes a long way back. Ever since a lovely lady gifted me with trio of imported Avon perfume when I was in the elementary grade.

Going back to Creed Millesime Imperial — what I love most about it is its timeless elegance. A scent that you rarely could pick out from the bunch of perfumes in the market. I am very particular when it comes to perfumes. Specifically because there are scents that just don’t belong in tropical countries, like the Philippines. Perfumes have to match climates, you see. What makes a perfume wrong for a tropical climate, you ask. When the perfume’s ingredients are too sensitive and it doesn’t go well with sweat and I’m talking about just the generic human sweat, then the odds are against it being at all compatible to our tropical race. The pH of our skin and bodily fluids vary from individual to individual, that’s actually another issue altogether. You just have to really figure out the scent that suits you, that’s the bottom line.

creed millesime imperial

Creed for me is simply a royal fragrance. It is no way loud but is very distinct. Nothing like that of Coco Chanel’s No.5.  My apologies to Coco Chanel’s fans but my Olfactory sensory neurons absolutely detest No.5.  Nevermind if it was immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, maybe it’s just not me. Millesime Imperial is perfect for tropical weather and could last even longer in cold weather.  The top notes of Creed’s Millesime Imperial are: sea salt, Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, Florentine iris, musk, and woody notes.

The House of Creed is a perfume house founded in 1760 in London by James Henry Creed. Today, the privately held firm is led by sixth-generation perfumer Olivier Creed, who also serves as worldwide chairman of the company.(from Wikipedia)

Locally, you can find Creed in Rustan’s and sells for around $100/bottle.


  1. I don’t like Chanel No. 5, too! It smells so lola. Phew!

  2. admin says:

    Haha! True! I was trying to be subtle. I still wonder why they loved it so much during the olden days. Lagot baka may old school na maka basa. 😛

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  4. Ang sweet talaga ninyong mag asawa ; ) Super tagal na kitang di nakikita ah.


  5. admin says:

    Michelle! Yes, it’s been too long! Namiss na kita. Hope to see you soon!xx 🙂

  6. The skin’s pH degree will likewise have a result
    on your picked fragrance. The level of acidity of every person’s skin is somewhat various as well as will therefore have a various response to the different elements in the scent.
    This is why a scent on someone can scent entirely various on a person else.

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