Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas celebration, folks? Kikay Corner is happy to report that she has given the winner of the BDJ 2010 planner another reason to celebrate this holiday season. She received it the day after Christmas, yey! 😀

If it was not for the road accident we met that day (one of my more recent posts in MarriageandBeyond.com), then Christmas would have been perfect. No, it did not get to the point that we have to avail of an rv towing service or something. More than that, the danger that the supposedly “professional” driver placed on the life of a baby by crowding in the front seat with 4 adults (all without seat belts), is just unimaginable. While this can be a pretty regular occurrence in our native land, our motorists ought to seriously rethink their driving practices.

Be safe, everyone! Go easy on the firecrackers or better yet, settle on the fireworks! Wishing you all a more beautiful 2010! 😀


  1. freshnmarine says:

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

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