How do you keep healthy this season?

ellipticalsHow does one keep healthy, with these parties left and right, this holiday season? I tell you it is not easy. Whenever I can at all help it, what I do is to skip lunch, if there is a party to attend to in the evening. But I make sure as well I do not starve myself, I drink kefir (a super healthy probiotic drink that I ferment myself) to kill the hunger pangs and I’m good.

But as much as I attempt to do these little preventive measures, all those cholesterol laden yummies plus my all time favorite sweets is just out have to get the better of me, that I currently feel heavier now than I did the previous month. Maybe I should do ellipticals aside from the 4 minute workout that I should resume doing very soon.  This will jump start my resolution for the coming year to be mroe disciplined when it comes to working out. 🙂

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