Kikay Corner’s Top 3 Christmas Wishlist

While everyone is at it, I might as well join the bandwagon. This post will be dedicated to Kikay Corner’s ultimate Christmas wishlist. After the recent typhoon Ondoy getting us badly hit, losses where a handful.   They may just be material and this wishlist is dedicated to just that.

Although the car that we use that got submerged is back to life, there’s still nothing like a spanking bmw. Now, that’s what I call wishful thinking. This, needless to say, tops my list. But I’m a dreamer and to dream is free. But come to think of it, even a mini econo car won’t be half bad, as long as it’s brand new. So now allow me to move ahead….

The second stuff in my wishlist is a netbook that I can bring along with me wherever. Duh! I know my purse is heavy as it is, but who cares! Throwing a few more pounds in it will not be a biggie for my already battered shoulder. But then again, I am so going to “travel light” if ever.  I would be willing to let go of non-essentials in its favor.  

Third, a bagful of beauty loot! I am especially looking into Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream, Nars orgasm and a bunch of eye and lip makeup. Here’s to Kikay Corner’s wishlist and may each become a reality!  


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