Knowing Your Signature Scent

signature scent I’m a certified scent lover.  I love it so much that I wear it even if I’m right at home.  But it wasn’t until I took this test from Total Beauty that I found out that my signature scent is actually Floral.  The test took me less than five minutes.  You may even want to figure out the best scent for someone you know.  

Take the Test

Here’s what came up with my answers:
The best scent for this romantic, sensitive and sweet personality would be a bouquet of complementary florals, sure to woo even the most fickle of noses. Look for familiar notes like magnolia, jasmine, rose and lily. For the more fresh-minded, keep it light with a hint of lavender or a fresh, herbal top note. For those with a hidden sultry side, pick up a fragrance with a bottom note of amber, wood, musk or vanilla.

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