Clearing out Closets for the New Year

While clearing out closets and checking out expiration of cosmetics should be done every so often, truth is, there is no better way to do it than before the New Year. There is just something about welcoming the new year that gets people to check things in their “backyard” and discard some unwanted and expired stuffs.

It is a universal knowledge that we all should pay attention to every beauty product’s Period After Opening (PAO) symbol and discard them when its time. Then as we move along, we cannot just take care of our beauty loot, we proceed to clearing up our study, then later wiping out some dusts here and there from tv stands and just about everywhere. That was just what I found myself doing, before the year ended. Although it was not at all planned that way, it gave me a sense of relief that I got to do some things that I have delayed for the longest time. How about you, what were the things you did as you anticipated the sweet 2010 ahead?

Happy new year folks! 😀


  1. I read the baby books you sent me! That’s the only thing I’m getting ready for this 2010… although, Jen, I really need to find out what beauty products are good for preggy women. I look horrendous!

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