Forgive the lack of updates

Hello dear readers! I have a handful of beauty product reviews on queue. The thing is I cannot get myself to sit down on them because I recently ventured into another online job as a virtual assistant. Yey! I am so far loving it, especially so that I think I have a great boss. 🙂

The thing about freelancing and having all these online jobs is I’m back to being deprived of sleep. As a virtual assistant, I sometimes have to be up during office hours on a different time zone. It’s pretty much just like working in a call center right from home. But what is sweet about it is I did not have to do calls every single day. My employer is pretty much flexible, allowing me to work on my other tasks (save for the calls) during my free time.

I’m giving myself a couple more weeks to adjust or else I just might need some sleep pills to catch up somehow on all my sleepless nights. But do forgive me if I do not get to do updates on Kikay Corner very often from here on.

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