Kikay Corner tries out The Figure Trimmer Disc with Cord

There is no way I can anymore ignore the bulges in my midsection that seem to grow by the day. I had fun during the one hour barre3 session last Monday, all right. But I almost gave up to my shivering toes and crying muscles. And then came today’s live blood analysis over at the Tie a Green Ribbon event at Dusit Thani, I was reminded by the medical practitioner that I should quit the sedentary lifestyle. I just know I should do more than just “plan.”

As the hubby shopped for hand wraps for his martial art colleagues, I spotted this Figure Trimmer Twister Disc with cord. I swear I almost heard the discs cry out my name and that has nothing to do with being shopaholic. For the record, I am not. I actually would like to think that I am very prudent. Just the way momma has brought me up. Plus, I am actually saving up for something major – will blog about this later. 😉

Kikay Corner’s first time on the Figure Trimmer Disc 

After giving up on Wii Fit and even the 4 minute workout, I have always thought that nothing could lure me back to working out again. I still am not sure, actually, if I can keep at this particular workout. But given its being an easy enough one — meaning, I do not have to roll out my yoga mat or turn on the home theatre and get the Wii board in place,  all I practically have to do is stand on the disc and work my way out to a trimmer figure — how can I say no something so easy, right?  

I love that this Figure Trimmer Disc with Cord focuses on my problem parts – abdominal area, thighs and arms. I did not waste a minute and I tried it as soon as I got home. I set the kitchen timer to 10 minutes and I was sweating even before 5 minutes. What’s sweeter is I actually felt the muscles in my abdomen getting some serious workout. And when I lifted my arms on either side, it felt like I was lifting dumbells. Seriously. And your guess is as good as mine —I did not last the whole 10 minutes, I had to stop midway.  Which is actually all right, for beginners. 

I’m pretty positive I can keep at this workout this time. The disc is right now sitting pretty under my office table (the base massages my feet). Great for eliminating exhaustion and keeping me relaxed. All I have to do is grab either ropes, drag the disc a few feet away from my office and twist away. 🙂

The main features of The Figure Trimmer Disc are:

  • The technology structure of the figure trimmer massages the thenar bow.
  • There are 4 inlay magnets on either side. These correspond to the important reflective zones of the thenar. 
  • The magnetic wave will transfer to the body and creates circinate quadratic current in the cell. The circinate current will turn into “joule heat” which aids your health and has the effect of diminishing inflammation and acesodyne.
  • Twisting on the figure trimmer can make your waist, thighs and hips trimmer and skin more flexible.

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