Kikay Corner’s “New Year’s Resolution”

new year's resolutionHow’s your cross over from 2009 to 2010? Kikay Corner’s was pretty much uneventful, by the world’s standard, that is. It was quiet and sweet, spent with her ever loving husband.

While I am not exactly a fan the new year’s resolution hype, (if you have to be doing something, then you don’t need a brand new year to get to it) there are a few things I know that I should get back to doing, which I plan to do the soonest. Like reading a book a month. With all the blogs that I author, I have to get into a mindset that will get me to do this. Like maybe, figuring out a way to not read the books like I would my textbooks back in high school.  I just got started with one book today and I hope to finish this before the month ends. 

That’s just one in my list, what’s in yours? 😀

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