Schick Silk Effects Plus – Kikay Corner’s Newest Beauty Essential

Nicks and cuts are probably two of the most horrifying things when it comes to daily feminine shaving hygiene. I cannot anymore count the number of times that I got burned by shaving. Imagine my delight when I actually saw from one of the grocery racks a razor claiming to help prevent nicks and cuts– Schick Silk Effects Plus.  I have been using this lovely beauty gem for two months now and I cannot be more thrilled. It is like a dream come true, literally. Just imagine the burning I had to live with all my shaving years! 🙁

Schick Silk Effects Plus

I have been using Epilady for more than a decade until I threw it away after Ondoy. Although Epilady was okay, I very often find myself just grabbing a razor to shave rather than having the Epilady plugged and get it around my legs to do its job. It’s way easier. And whichever is the easiest is the one that works for me. I am just so thrilled that I need not suffer from razor burn from hereon. Thanks to Schick Silk Effects Plus. 🙂


Schick Silk Effects Plus gives such super close shave, aside from preventing nicks and cuts. What makes it so different from other razors are those microfine wires that make nicks and cuts almost impossible. I have put it to the test and tried even clumsily going around my legs, using all angles at every possible speed– NO CUT. I love it to bits, to say the least. I really have nothing but superlatives about my newest beauty essential. Much like one review I recently read about of a very pleased customer of Mopar performance parts.

This won over another Schick razor – Lather and Shave, or something to that effect. Lather and Shave is actually a little pricier.  For a while I was standing there browsing through the two different packagings, deliberating which one to purchase. I figured I don’t need a lathering razor. What I needed was a razor that will stop giving me nicks and cuts and that is just what Schick Silk Effects Plus has done. It is also aloe enriched. What’s makes it more fun is its exclusive shower hanger. Making it more hassle free by just getting it attached to a smooth shower surface.  Schick Silk Effects Plus retails for P250 (give or take). I will check the price later and update this post.

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