Trying out a New Organic Brand: Body Flavors


Body Flavors was one of the sponsors who provided bloggers some goodies during Blog4Reviews Christmas party last month and I couldn’t be more glad. Aside from my son’s supply of organic VCO soaps running out, it is always a delight for me to try out new organic stuff.


Why organic soaps, you ask?  I have tried other more commercialized brands especially made for babies but when you check out the ingredients, they contain SLS and other not very friendly chemicals.  While they might get its job to clean the body, I have noticed that my son does not remain clean smelling for long. Babies and toddlers are notorious for doning that sour smell (“maasim” in our vernacular) especially when all they do is play. It all came to an end when I switched to organic VCO soaps and shampoo on my kiddo.  Although organic soaps usually do not last very long, because of its all natural ingredients, I still choose this over other hyped commercial brands because aside from the guarantee that I’m not introducing anything harmful on my kid’s skin, he smells fresh longer.  

As I see it, Body Flavors’ market is not exactly targeted solely for babies or kids.  The “organic” branding was just the first thing that I got attracted to and that’s just the only thing I use for my son. Hence, my delight.

The soaps that are in the goody bag are:  Seaweed and Molasses wth Tea Tree, Guava and Orange, Pure Virgin Coconut Oil with Gugo Bark.  

Seaweed and Molasses with Tea Tree Body Bar  (Smoothening and Firming) – Seaweed and molasses gently exfoliates dead skin cells while tea tree oil is reconized as a strong anti-fungal, anti viral and anti-bacterial agent.  A combination of seaweed, molasses and tea tree oil used on a regular bais will nourish, enrich and moisturize while it helps tone and lighten your skin. The soap is ideal for cleansing and deodorizing the body. Ingredients: Seaweed, Molasses, Tea Tree oil, VDO and Special Body Flavors organic essences.

Guava and Orange Body Bar (Detoxifying and Cleansing) – The decoction of guava is a rich source of natural astringents while orange has antioxidants which will keep your skin glowing and free from aging and wrinkles.  This superb blend is a good soap for detoxifying the skin and treating skin problems. Ingredients: Guava, Orange extracts, Premium Coconut Oil and Special Body Flavors organic essences.

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil with Gugo Bark Body Soap (Anti-Aging and Moisturizing) – This soap is a rich blend of pure virgin coconut oil and gugo bark which is ideal for sensitive skin.  It has a good moisturizing effect restoring a more youthful looking skin. A natural soap for deodorizing the body.  Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Gugo Bark, Sandalwood essential oil and Special Body Flavors organic essences.  

Each soap has 100g net wt, retails for P100 and with packaging that is consistent –  they use recycled paper.  I still have to review the other two soaps Seaweed & Molasses wth Tea Tree and Guava & Orange.  But I am pretty  satisfied with the Pure Virgin Coconut Oil with Gugo Bark bar soap.   

Body Flavors Enterprises

The Blog4Reviews Christmas Party was a fun filled night! Aside from learning about this new organic brand in town, we also got tl learn more about Yahoo! Meme, who sponsored the food during the event. It was just neat to learn that Meme has got a lot of potential. I remember signing in a few months back but never really got to tinker around it. I would so love to discover more of it, even as I learned that we could do a host of other things aside from just updating our timeline. Follow my meme here: Don’t be too surprised if my template is too pink. I love it that way. 🙂

We also got to meet the fine man of PAGCOR, represented by Mr. Gary Viray. Pagcor has been behind DigitalFilipino club since 2008 and has sponsored many events in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Bacolod City. Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral and all the organizers that made the Blog4Reviews Christmas Party last Dec. 17.  It was fun and we look forward to an even better 2010 year for Blog4Reviews! 😀


  1. Zeth says:

    We at Body Flavors are pleased that you liked our organic soaps. Thank you. Cheers to the new year! 🙂

  2. oyz says:

    hi, is my first time to visiting here, introduce me. im oyz, im glad to be read in here, wow ur blog/site is very very interesting….., maybe someday i’ll be same like u. thanks

  3. Hi Jen. I’m happy that you were able to join the Christmas Party last month. Sa uulitin! =)

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