AHAVA Launches Flagship Store in the Philippines

Regular readers know that Kikay Corner’s leaning has always been towards all natural and organic products. This is why I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to witness the AHAVA Launch and Boutique opening last February 25, 2010.

AHAVA originated in Israel on the rich mineral resource of the Dead Sea. AHAVA is the sole company that has the license to extract these rich resources from the Dead Sea.

AHAVA is the Hebrew word for “love.” AHAVA came to skincare out of love for our native magical environment. Living and working by the Dead Sea, it’s easy to fall in love with the area’s unique topography and mystical charm. AHAVA then began to discover impressive healing powers of its natural resources.

Since its inception, Ahava is developing fine plant and mineral based skincare products harvested from Dead Sea ingredients. Their products’ effectiveness has been validated in numerous studies conducted by renowned international skincare research institutes and universities.

Here are some of AHAVA’s product lines:

1. Source {cleanse.detoxify.treat}
Essential to all Source products is Ahava’s exlusive Mineral Skin Osmoter, a powerful natural complex that blends the best of the Dead Sea’s beauty boosting minerals. This exceptional combination draws moisture and nutrients form the depths of your skin to the outer layers of the epidermis, where you need it most.

2. Time Line {natural elixir o youth}

Represents the culmination of years of extensive scientific research in conjunction with leading universities throughout the world, in which Ahava studied the effects of minerals on skin hydration and renewal. The result: their patented 3D Complex, a breakthrough in moisture replenishment, skinprotection and anti-aging technology. This unique formula consists of powerful, natural nourishing ingredients, all harvested from the Dead Sea’s vast reservoir of minerals.

3. Men {effective skincare, powered by the Dead Sea}

A man’s skin follows different metabolic patterns than a woman’s and therefore requires different treatment. Ahava takes care of a man’s skin with clinically proven, high quality ingredients from the world’s most prolific source of minerals.

4. Pure {your spa rejuvenation system}
Combats the daily stress your body encounters, while providing the vital nutrients your skin needs for a glowing appearance, smoother feel and complete serenity, inside and out.

5. Mineral Suncare {eclipse sun-aging with mineral suncare}
Directly inspired by the unique phenomenon of eclipse, AHAVA has created Mineral Suncare line by combining quality sunscreens and special ingredients native to the Dead Sea region.

6. Dermud {reveal the radiance behind dry and sensitive skin}

Dermud for dry skin:
– normalizes dry skin cells’ natural functions
– dramatically increase the skin’s moisture level
– leaves dry skin looking and feeling healthier and softer

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