Asics Foot ID Scan and Gender Specific Shoes

Asics Foot ID Scan

Kikay Corner got invited last Friday, February 5, 2010 to the Asics Expo, where a team of Japanese experts explained the benefits of Foot ID Scan. The Foot ID Scan system utilizes a cross-section to measure all aspects of a person’s foot. One simply needs to stand on two pads found on the scanner, and information is then entered into the database. Additional data on a person’s running gait is collected after running on a special treadmill. A highly trained staff member interprets the information gathered, and will match the runner with a recommended Asics shoe.

I was asked to step into the scanning device and stand up straight for a second or so. The Japanese guys input my birthday details on the system and they had the result printed.

The result says that my feet are borderline narrow to normal and I should perfectly fit women’s athletic shoes size 7.  Allowance for socks is also considered. That’s a size bigger than my regular shoes, which perfectly makes sense.  This Foot ID Scan will prove very convenient when it comes to shopping for these kinds of shoes – no more second guessing. 🙂

“The state-of-the-art Asics Foot ID system allows the customers to experience first-hand what Asics technology is all about,” says Tomoya Koshimura of Asics Japan. “Asics is known for our innovation, and we are proud to be bringing a piece of that here.”

Gender Specific Shoes

It is impressive to know that Asics is the only brand in the world that creates Gender Specific Shoes.

Until recently, majority of running shoes for women were simply smaller versions of men’s shoes. Asics has studied the physiological and structural differences between the two sexes, and has taken a gender-specific approach by modifying running shoe design to be friendlier to each of the genders. Asics has reinvented their running shoes, focusing on improving performance, comfort, and safety for both men and women.

Traditionally, cushioning in midsoles of running shoes is designed with the weight of men in mind. The Soft Top DuoMax® adds comfort without having to sacrifice stability and support.

Asics’ running shoes for women now feature gender specific forefoot cushioning using Solyte®, which gives female runners more bounce and greater impact absorption.

Studies show that Achilles Tendonities is among the most frequent injuries among female runners. Plus 3™ is a feature that raises the heel gradient on women’s running shoes by an additional 3mm, which relieves much of the loading that causes Achilles tension.

Studies also show that throughout the month, a woman’s arch height changes as estrogen levels fluctuate. The Space Trusstic® system was altered to provide the female foot with right levels of flexibility and support as it moves through the gait cycle.

Asics also produces various top quality products for walking, tennis, cross training, as well as team sports such as volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and field sports.

Asics is available at Planet Sports, The Athlete Foot, Toby’s, The Runner, Olympic Villages, 2nd Wind, The Outlet Depot (Subic) and Selected SM Department Stores nationwide.

Watch out for the ASICS flagship store at Greenbelt 3 in May 2010.


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