Carlton Media Launch at SM Mega Atrium

One of world’s top manufacturers of quality travel bags and suitcases, Carlton, officially launched their flagship Mono Brand Store in Manila last February 2, 2010. Philippine’s first ever Carlton shop is strategically situated at the 3rd level of SM Mega Atrium.

Carlton has been around for over 30 years and has been a distinctive and friendly brand with flair, offering innovative travel solutions based on deep consumer understanding. Each piece of Carlton travel bag or suitcase denotes high quality and durability offering versatile travel comfort to the discerning consumer.

Here is a collage of the shots I took from the fashion show held during the launch.

Carlton Media Launch

Kikay Corner was one of the recipients of Carlton’s generosity during the launch. I got for myself my very own Motif Flight Bag.  A timely gift for my upcoming trip to Malaysia.  It is backed with no less than a 7 year warranty.  Here’s more about this particular travel bag:

Motif Flight Bag

Motif [moh-teef] –noun A recurring subject, theme, idea, esp. in a literary, artistic, or musical work. A work of art, Motif is a distinctive range from the Carlton stable – be it the styling or the materials used.

Differentiated twill trims for an elegant SQUARES design. Front pocket with lockable kissing zippers.
Interior Material – 150 Denier Polyester
Exterior Material – 900 x 1200 Polyester with PVC coating.

Carlton has offices in London, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong. Carlton has its presence in over 60 countries spread across 4 continents. Owned by VIP Industries Ltd., a $100 million company with a passion for design innovation and technical excellence. A passion that has been rewarded time and time again with major design awards.

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