Essensity by Schwarzkopf Professional

Essensity was launched by Schwarzkopf Professional last year, boasting of natural ingredients. And you can say, with my leaning to all natural beauty products, I was all too thrilled. All the SLS, silicones have what have you, chemical based ingredients have started scaring me off from the moment I got hooked studying the cancer causing SLS and SLES ingredients in most shampoos and even body wash and soaps.

Essensity is a line free of artifician fragrance and all those crap we usually see in commercial shampoos. While I love that this shampoo is all natural, it’s performance is not really spectacular. I have found that out of the 3 all natural shampoos that I use at least 2 of them cause hair fall. Yes including this brand. But I’m not saying that it does cause me hair fall, it is going to be the same for everyone.

For those leaning towards organic brands of beauty products, you can be sure that Essensity Schwarzkopf formula uses biodegradable ingredients. The raw materials that they use are synthesized from plant based resources. And they stand by it through and through, no aerosol for their spray on products. Even their packaging materials are recyclable. Schwarzkopf’s Essensity brand is sure to appeal to organic loving beauties.

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