Get rid of blackheads naturally

The last time I have had to deal with blackheads was during the peak of “my oily face days” in college. It was crazy how much oil control films I consume throughout the day then and I can never be thankful enough that my facial glands have since tamed in their oil production.

While I might be enjoying better days, here is a post to help for those who need to get rid of blackheads naturally. It might be true that a lot of products are commercially available, there are still a bunch of us who would rather try solving problems, “the natural way.”

1. A mild cleanser should be used regularly. Cetaphil has worked for me then and have found considerable number of good consumer feedbacks on the product.

2. Use clay facial masques on a daily basis. I have used this particular mud clay from Origins during my “blackhead” days and it worked wonders. Clays absorb excess oils from face and leaves it supple.

3. Use facial steam to open up pores that are clogged if you need to get rid of blackheads. Make sure to add in drops of tea tree oil in the steam.

4. Go easy on the make up. Makeup, whether mineral or the conventional ones, can just about worsen your blackhead problem.

5. If all else fails then never hesitate to go visit a well recommended dermatologist. It is your best option. You’ll never know how long you will ever keep away from the temptation of helping yourself by pricking those little blackheads.

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