Looking for a better salon

After having my not so good salon experience at Tony and Jackey in Buendia Makati last November 2009, I am pretty certain I am never going to set foot on that place ever again. It was crazy right from the time that I got there and was told that the appointment that was supposedly set was not booked. I appeased myself and chose to just forget it, I was there anyway and the Korean stylist that I was supposedly “booked” with is available anyway.

So there I was getting prepped for my first hair rebonding session in 10 years. These girls (at least 3 of them) applying the stuff on my hair kept on whining about another staff and even a supervisor who they work with. I might as well just shrug that off too, sure, but how can I, when they are all in my ears for more than two hours! It has become so annoying but I still tried very hard to concentrate on my reading. I chose the L’Oreal X-tenso package, which I got for P3,000 plus trim P300. And the deal was that the Korean stylist was to be the one to do the rebonding. She only touched my hair 2 minutes tops, in my 3 hours of being in that salon! She applied cream for a while on my hair on my left side, left and she just came right back for a minute of trimming. As if she couldn’t care any less.  By that time, I was turned off already that I did not care what kind of trimming she’d do. I just thought, whatever, it’s all gonna grow back anyway. Needless to say, I totally annoyed that I totally shoved my plan to take before and after pictures.

I rarely visit a salon for a trim or what not. I have been trimming my own hair since I was in college and for some reason, I love the works of my hands every time. This is probably why I expect to be treated better whenever I do decide to visit a salon. I wish salon owners will actually do some employee screening, because at the end of the day, whatever the customers’ feedback are will reflect back to your salon’s name.

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