Million Dollar Body Parts of Celebrities

While I’m sure I know a bunch of you guys have heard about celebrities having their body parts insured, I still get amazed every time I read about any of them. The astounding amount of money for a single or pair of body part/s, I’ll type a few of them away for you.

David Beckham for one has his legs insured for an astounding $70 million! That’s just crazy right? Okay, so he is actually a billionaire, probably several times over. But that’s just overwhelmingly ridiculous. But then again, that’s coming from a commoner such as yours truly. But just for the sake of entertainment, let’s allow our heads to spin around the crazy figures of moolah for what body parts these famous personalities.

Dolly Parton has got her girls (boobies) insured for $600,000. The phrase that just pops to my mind is vanity of vanities. It’s got to be nothing more than that! I would definitely understand why David should get his legs insured, he plays football for a living and if in any event that he gets disabled, he will be left to nothing but his savings (and possibly investment) but the thing is he cannot play ball anymore. But with Dolly? Can’t she sing without her boobies? Okay, that’s just her business altogether. It’s just a thought on top of my head.

A lot of other celebrities have got their body parts insured for incredible amounts of money. But right, that’s their business and that’s their money their spending anyway. If all we commoners can pay for is a regular life insurance, they have plenty to spare for such vanities. Let’s just let them be. 🙂

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