Staying in shape is more than just vanity

Why do staying in shape means a great deal, especially to us girls? Methinks it is more than just about vanity. The more we care for ourselves, the healthier we are. There maybe exceptions though, like those who crossed the lines and have gone anorexic or bulimic or every other eating disorder recorded and unrecorded in the world’s medical history.

But before we hang on to those slimming pills, we need to always look into the natural kind of diet first. The rule of the thumb is, you have to exert more calories than you take in. That is pretty much common sense, right? Like a lot of people, I live a sedentary lifestyle. And I know should not really be very surprised if I gain weight and be not in shape. But that’s gonna stop real soon. Here’s hoping to remind all of us to exert more calories than we take in. 🙂

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