Women in the workplace

Statistics tell us that women have achieved a lot in the workforce and based on the current figures as well, the projection of how women will dominate the corporate world is almost inevitable. Now this is not saying that this is not a good thing. It can actually be good for companies even as they anticipate the kind of team they are going to have and probably design a plan that will help them accomplish more. This then becomes a win-win situation, to say the least.

To date, the percentage of women is already nearly half of the work force in America. While I can no longer exactly relate to women in the corporate workplace, since I have chosen to work from home for over two years now. I know for a fact that a woman’s ability to earn a living cannot be underestimated. And whether a woman chooses to stay in the corporate world or work from home, there will always be a few decisions she would have to face and juggle along. This is especially true if she has a family.

Women who are working from home like myself would have to make sure that we have a workplace that is conducive for our job and for some this includes a hosted pbx. The latter will be able to benefit companies big or small.

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