Discount Lingerie

When I was doing some lingerie shopping last week for a friend, it occurred to me that it has been a while since I last bought myself a discount lingerie. Yes, I always go for the discounted stuff. I am a cheapskate like that. If I would at all buy anything that’s really good, I’d rather get them at a discounted rate. That way I stretch every centavo. That means more value for my hard earned money. Besides I’m saving up for something really major. 😉

A huge bunch of my sexy lingerie collections are still from the bridal shower that my friends threw for me 9 years ago! Although I have given away some of them, there are still a lot that are as good as new, I hardly used. I had to give some of them away because I was teeny weeny XS size back then. Yes, I’ve ballooned to a medium now. So I’m looking for replacements that I can buy for cheap. I did find this site that offers closeout styles for under $10. I am loving some designs already and not just because I could get them far cheaper than I could get the same styles from my local stores but also because they have practically all the lingerie designs you could think of.

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