On online courses and learning being a lifelong process

Being kikay sure has its expectations. But more than the expectations of people, does not really bother me. While it might be such a big a deal for some to have the approval of others, I’d rather have things my own way. Although I may not be very adventurous when it comes to fashion, I make sure that the reflection I see in my whole body mirror is pleasing before I step out of our house. My reason is this, we’re fixing ourselves up anyway, why not be pleasant sight while we’re at it, right?

But I’m not done yet. I am hoping to attend make up classes too –  a formal one. But the problem is I do not have the luxury of time to travel to a physical class. I am looking into something like that of an online degree. Truth be told, there are universities that people can now attend to via online and to say that’s convenient is actually putting it lightly. The degree you earn from WGU, for one, will certify you the same way as if you physically enrolled in a traditional school. Many people are actually getting the word about about it. Aside from a formal make up online class that I am still looking for, I am also hoping that through these online courses, I could finally pursue an online IT degree. That’s something I wanted to do as soon as I stepped out of college. Another degree wouldn’t hurt me, right? I happen to believe that learning is a lifelong process. 🙂

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