Petite Me

Being a petite has its perks, true. But it would really be nice if I was a teeny bitty taller. I remember being one of the tallest in early grade school. Then menarche came a little too early for me and then when the other girls had theirs, I definitely grew slower than they did. Until I got stuck at 5′. Gah.

Height is a non-issue if you’re a girl, if you ask me. But even as I feel good about my height and my being petite, I would have tried one of those hgh supplements when I was younger, just to boost my stature a tiny bit. The thing is, such supplements were not as available during that time and if they were, horror stories shouldn’t be far behind. That being said, I think I’m happy with my current height. The petite me fit perfectly in my hubby’s stature. 🙂

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