Sketchers dressy jewel toned sandals

I am a fan of comfortable and trendy sandals and flip flops. I have outgrown one good brand after another. For some reason, I always find the branded ones to be the most comfortable. From my Marks and Spencer black sandals which readily adjusted to my feet when I was preggers to this Sketchers Dressy jewel toned sandals (above picture). I bought this last September 2009 for P2,900 (approx. $65) and have not had one bit of a problem until last month when I felt the suede that’s holding the thong together snipped while I was in Eastwood mall strolling with the hubby. I figured it has served its worth. It was the pair that I wore throughout the typhoon Ondoy. My poor sandals did not lose its luster even after the flood- the jewels still intact. I did however had to clean the soft sued thoroughly after it got submerged in the flood more than a couple of times. Which I think might have caused the suede getting snipped.

Favorites is what I play when it comes to footwear. I do it a lot that I often forget I have other shoes I could use. Needless to say, my Sketchers dressy jewel toned sandals have been like my everyday footwear since. Unless I have to wear something more strappy, sporty or formal, this has been like the default footwear for me. It was that comfy.

Now that my favorite Sketcher pair of sandals has retired, I’ve been looking through shoe stores in almost all of the metal buildings also known as malls, all over the metro. While I enjoy retail therapy, I get frustrated much when I can’t find the shoes my tiny feet will be comfortable in. My friend Iris is a witness to my hopping from one shoe store to another, me going crazy over why pretty shoes have to hurt. I ended up buying a P1,250 worth of CLN jewel toned flats but again, I ended up just stocking it up because it was too flat for comfort. I have been looking into Fit Flop since. Although it is only a few hundreds pricier than the Sketchers, I am still not sold out to the designs that they have. I find the designs too bulky and inflexible for my taste. Maybe when they come up with daintier ones, then I just might change my mind.

A pair of Macy’s golden sandals is what I’ve been using since my Sketchers died on me. I’ll take a picture of it later. My dslr is with a friend right now. Will update this post later. 😉

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