Sleep is your skin’s bestfriend

Sleep is your skin’s bestfriend. This is what I have been telling myself, just so I can psyche myself to get my body clock to drop the 4 hours a day sleep habit. Even the hubby is at my back, telling me to quit reaching out for my mobile to check my email every moment I get up in the middle of the night. Force of habit. And that is one thing that’s hard to kick.

Maybe I should start off by leaving my mobiles alone atop my dresser and not under my pillow. My dear hubby and I have taken care of our mattress problem some years back and actually got ourselves a memory foam backed with a 10 year warranty, which we love, love, love! But then, I got busy doing online stuff and took sleep for granted.

Moving on, I guess even my poor eyes have gotten used to my lack of sleep. But the thing with lack of sleep, it makes a person susceptible to sickness, aside from the fact that it causes premature aging! Ack! I am definitely doomed. I cannot take for granted that my kefir supplement has done my body wonders. I do have to watch it and get more sleep than I am used to now. So now I’m off to dreamland… Au Revoir!

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